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Accessible from the Putrajaya Highway (which extends to the South Klang Valley Expressway, or SKVE). If you are driving from the North South Expressway (NSE, or PLUS Highway), take the toll exits at either Serdang or Kajang, from which the Putrajaya Highway begins. Be on the lookout for a left turn into IOI Resort where this hotel is situated alongside Putrajaya Marriott Hotel.

The hotel is located some 15 minutes from the closest Express Rail Link (ERL) terminal in Putrajaya-Cyberjaya that links directly to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Otherwise, driving distance from KLIA on Express Lingkaran Tengah (ELITE Highway) is about 30-45 minutes.

The hotel was previously known as Renaissance Palm Garden Hotel until its owner (IOI Group) decided to drop the Renaissance name brand altogether in August 2003.  It is now known simply as Palm Garden Hotel which the IOI Group sees as, and I quote, "a new direction for the hotel in providing even more personalized and distinctive services enhanced by our signature of warm Malaysia hospitality". Or it could probably means that they could run the establishment without paying management dues to the Renaissance hotel chain. With the next door establishment of 488-room Putrajaya Marriott Hotel being opened in May 2002, it seems that this hotel effectively plays a second fiddle to its higher-end neighbour.

The hotel is built on a commendable Lanai-style architecture with open-air corridors and terraces, and tree-lined courtyards overlooking the massive 330-acre Palm Garden Golf Course. In fact, upon closer look, you will notice that it resembles an exclusive condominium project normally seen in the suburbia of Kuala Lumpur. I thought the overall building concept is noteworthy of some credit for being somewhat dissimilar to most hotel buildings we normally see.

Further subscribing to its tropical concept is the featured garden courtyard right smack in the middle of the main building interleaved with generous usage of water features all around the garden. The garden courtyard does create a great first impression as the guests walk into their rooms passing by the soothing greenery view. Not to mention the overall landscape such as at the Golf Clubhouse, the swimming pool and around the hotel perimeter is just as praiseworthy. 

There are 152 guest rooms and 26 suites in the hotel, ranging from Superior, Deluxe to Executive class. Most of the rooms boast a good view of the rolling greenery of the nearby 27-hole golf course. I noted that the main difference between a Superior and a Deluxe room is that the latter has a corner extension which houses a pseudo dining area that measures about 3-by-3 metres. Not much difference as far as the 9-sq-metre of space is concern. Plus the dining table and chairs made of non-descript metals and marbles are terribly ugly to be positioned in an otherwise a decently extended section.

Entering my Deluxe room from the front door, I was quite impressed with the spacious walk-in closet that goes from floor to ceiling. The closet extends to an open cabinet where coffee and tea making facilities, complimentary bottled water and an electronic safe are placed. Most parts of the Deluxe room is carpeted in a neutral brown-ish colour, which I was, well, neutral about. I did welcome the 2+1 cushion sofa on the far corner of the room which creates a comfortable mini living area. The 29" flat screen TV is facing the two single beds by default, but one can easily turn it to face the living area.

The single beds (don't ask me why I didn't get a queen-sized bed) are acceptable in term of comfort for a good night sleep. At first I cringed at the bed linens which carry unappealing flowery motifs, but I had to make peace with that after a while.  Other than that, the Deluxe room is equipped with individually-controlled air-conditioning,  a mini bar, an IDD phone, and a writing desk with a midsize dressing mirror.

The bathroom is rather average overall. Interestingly, the bath tub, shower enclosure, wash basins and water closet are placed in separate stalls altogether. To me, it was quite amazing how they could achieve the arrangement in such a tight-spaced bathroom. In the end, the space between the bath tub and the wash basins is rather narrow, not to mention the shower enclosure can only seem to fit one regular-sized person. At least I did not have to shower inside the bath tub like in some other hotels due to space constraint.

The hotel hosts three dining outlets, one beverage bar and one night club. The main restaurant at the hotel is Palms Café where all-day dining is served. The restaurant is located right in front of the reception counter in the main lobby. Located in a separate building from the main hotel compound is Aroi Dee Restaurant which serves delectable Thai cuisines. This dining outlet hosts two separate dining rooms should you wish to organise a private function. Within the Golf Clubhouse building lies the Golfer's Lounge Terrace which overlooks the scenic Palm Garden Golf Course. This outlet offers regular food and beverages mostly catered for avid golfers who had just spent a few rounds of the game. Set amidst the featured fountain garden on the ground level is Courtyard cocktail bar. The seating arrangement is done rather sparsely inside the garden such that patrons can really have a good relaxing time whilst enjoying the greenery and the soothing fountain features. Lastly, Mulligans Fun Pub is a casual night joint with singing performance and great selection of beverages that opens from 2130 hrs onwards.

The swimming pool is located near to the Golf Clubhouse. Its design does have a hint of Balinese influence with lush tropical shrubs, a bale tower, and depending on your viewing point, an infinity-pool concept. There is also a free-formed children's pool next to the main pool area. I thought the view of the golf course from the pool is very nice, especially on a bright, sunny day.

I do wish to write a little bit on the Golf Clubhouse which is connected to the hotel building by a series of covered walkways. Its architecture is quite nice in the form of traditional concept with open-air theme and exquisite roof design. As usual, the landscaping surrounding the building is just as noteworthy, but one normally heads straight into the Golfer's Terrace section where scenic view of the golf course can be enjoyed. Nonetheless, I did feel the interior of the clubhouse is quite run down and old.

April, December 2006

Nothing extraordinarily good or bad at this hotel. Notable landscaping endeavours and beautiful pool area. The room is within expectation with unexciting selections of F&B outlet.


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